Thursday, December 12, 2013

Butter London - No More Waity Katie

So here I am . . . Back after a brief hiatus . . . This is my homecoming nail art . . .

I love doing my nails. I mean . . . adorning my nails. My favorite ways to adorn my nails are glitter, rhinestones, studs, glequins :D . . . I like talking to you guys . . . OK! So what am I trying to tell you. I DONT LIKE TAKING PICS. (So says the woman who claimed to love photography. *sigh* )

So many manis I adored, have gone about without taking pictures. Do I regret that!!!! No! I dont :P. I am just lazy. While I don't post often, I do manis whenever I can. Many go without being photographed and some I do and they sit idle in my lappy.

So, I decided to visit them all and pull my favorite out. And here it is. . . Butter London No More Waity Katie . . . You can't go without falling in luv with this one.

"No More Waity Katie" is a greyish purple base with lilac glitter. I could see some silver glitter too but is it just me? I used 3 coats. The first coat may be a little daunting when you apply it. But after 3 coats you get such a gorgeous finish. 

I didn't want anything to take away its loveliness so I thought I'd do Glequin french manicure. This was uber pretty to look at. 

Removal was a bit difficult for me. You can see the glitter remnants in the cuticle area. But if you are using the foil method it will be a breeze to remove.

A little picture taken in direct sunlight to show you guys the glitter more clearly.

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Monday, October 14, 2013

Sandwich my flowers . . .

This is something I tried a few weeks back but didn't post. I didn't have the confidence to post it. But it actually got me compliments :)

The original nail art that inspired me is by oliveviewfashion. I actually saw this  few months back and wanted to try something similar but I couldn't find the original one so I did it from my faulty memory. But I did manage to track it down finally.

I did 2 layers of Sinful colors Just You Wait and then did a few flowers and then a layer of the polish before doing a few more flowers and one coat of the polish. Finally applied top coat over it. Its super easy and looks gorgeous too. Sinful colors Just You Wait is not a jelly; its rather a sheer creme.

Base Coat: Sephora 3 in 1 Base Coat
Base Polish: Sinful colors Just You Wait
Nail Art: Acrylic paint
Top Coat: Butter London Hardwear P.D Quick Topcoat

So how do you think it is???? Did you check the new post "Its You" on my other blog MyBlissfulbeat.

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Monday, September 23, 2013

Starbucks Polka Dots #ILLnailchallenge

Me and my girl gang from the ILL group are doing a weekly challenge. #ILLnailchallenge I don't normally do challenges but this time is different. It's by our gang and I decided I was doing it no matter what. The title for this week is ""Polka Dots"

I decided I was gonna do the usual polka dots. And then i went to starbucks. The cup holder for hot stuff was a gorgeous pink with their insignia in green and white. I then decided it was my colors for polka dots. And hence the name "Starbucks Polka Dots" #ILLnailchallenge

I used my all time favorite Jordana Berry Parfait as my base. I luv it everytime I wear it.

Base Coat: Sephora 3 in 1 Base Coat
Base Polish: Jordana Nail Polish Berry Parfait
Nail Art: Maybelline Color Show Nail Polish Tenacious Teal, NYC Nail Polish French White Tip
Top Coat: Butter London Hardwear P.D Quick Topcoat

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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Life without TV, Facebook and Twitter

I was putting Jake to sleep when I suddenly thought about my stay as a Paying Guest when I  first joined work. After 3 months in my aunt's house and 3 months in a horrible hostel(they call themselves PG) I was desperately looking for a new place to stay. I dont care for more than 1 roommate. So with the price range in the equation it was too complicated. I finally found one and when I was ready to move my parents was super scared. My mom even had one of her friends check it out. The room(board + food) was heaven for the price range I was looking at. And me the only person there was the topping. It ate away half my salary but it was great. A few months later my friend joined me for a few months but for many more months I was alone.

It was then, I started reading voraciously. I used to read even in school and college but not much tho'. This time I found a good library which actually was ripping me off. But it was ok for me. I got books. It all mattered. I used to rent once a week (twice a week sometimes) with 4 books each time. I even took up walking early morning. I used to wake up at 6 am and walk around. I still remember the feel of the early morning sun on me.

But I never tweeted, no facebook, instagrammed . . . anything. I didn't have a laptop or computer with me then and no Tv either. I used to talk on the phone so much, racking up bills. (I still dunno how I managed on the salary). The moment I reach home, I would take my book and read until, dinner comes. Then read somemore continuing thro' my dinner, till I sleep. Fridays I read up late, talking on the phone and so. Books and Sleep were my companion in equal. As much I read books, I slept too.

It may sound boring but I still remember this period as the best period in my working life. Weekends was window shopping in malls with friends. Window shopping was not about looking at clothes. It was about having fun with friends. We talk, we tease and we have fun. Later(after tsunami) I was introduced to the social arm of the company I was working then. After that, every Saturday, we'd go to the villages affected by tsunami and meet with the kids and spend the morning with them. I learnt so much from them. They have so much courage and even after all they went through in their lives, they were so strong. And oh! we have been to catamaran rides too; twice; in a fishing boat; and met dolphins. It was so much fun. The humid cool air hitting our faces with the splashes of sea water. . . And come back badly tanned. And spend the next few weeks trying to remove the tan.

And then the time with my friend "Amie", who joined me later, was really great. We did the same thing; read books and sleep. But I got a companion for my Sunday walk to the church nearby. We'd walk to church; pray; then to the nearby Coffee Shop and get "Death by Chocolate". That was yum. I've never tasted anything better. We never had the drink in the coffee shop. We'd walk to the nearby skating rink and then just sit there watching little tykes learning to skate. They were so adorable to watch. Then walk back to our room for dinner.

But I never tweeted, no facebook, instagrammed . . . anything. And I never felt bored. And that period is something I remember as being happy.

Now I cant remember a day we don't get onto twitter, facebook or watch a movie or TV show. And I dunno what I'd do without them. I'd get bored. But what has changed? What happened to those simple pleasures in life. It all seems a little naive now but I was happy.

If I went back to that period again; Will I be bored or be rejuvenated??????????????

Oh I still read books too. I read it online. But you cant beat the feel of a book in your hands, turning the pages. Setting bookmarks. Whatcha say?????

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Monday, August 26, 2013

Glitter Gradient with Loose Glitter

This post is one thing am going to be spot on . . . My Birthday Mani . . . I did it the previous night . . . I wanted a super simple yet glittery one. *was almost tempted to use my Butter London Royal collection*. I had plans for it early on. So here's my Glitter Gradient with loose glitter.

I mixed silver holo glitter, baby pink glitter, silver hexagonal glitter and baby pink  hexagonal glitter over a base of Deborah Milano Shine Tech Nail Enamel # 10 *my most used and my super favorite polish* So what do you think . . . As I tweeted . . . Its messy, its not perfect but I love it. Am in luuuuuuvvvvv . . .

I had no time to take it on 25th as I was super busy and when I got free the sun had set *grrrrrr*. So apart from one picture I could not get any more pictures in the sun :(. Also the color shift and the real glitter was so damn hard to capture. That's so irritating. That apart . . . My mani is so cute that I keep looking at my nails now and then . . . just to watch them glitter . . .

*Picture Spam*


*Macro picture of the glitter*

And finally my birthday gifts . . . Gifts from my love *Butter London The Royal Collection and Urban decay Naked 2 Palette* and from Sephora *Benefit goodies*

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Glitter Gradient

I didn't do any mani for rakshabandan but later on decided to use this mani for rakshabandan. Why????? I remember rakhis having multitude of colors (you know what I mean). . . Glittering. That's how I remember it. We don't have the custom of rakhi in our community though.

I am not so much of a glitter person on my nails but recently I have been wanting to do it . . . Dunno why. And then I saw this Nicole By OPI *Selena Gomez Edition* Confetti Fun. Such a gorgeous glitter. I could see silver, blue, gold, pink, green and what not. 

I didn't take a mani picture at first. I was so busy enjoying the polish. Then I decided to re-do it with little change. I used two base colors this time. (Will tell you the reason later) First time I did it with pink base. It was so gorgeous. I mean seriously pretty with all those colors winking at me. 

The next time I did it, I did two finger in black and the rest pink. I wanted to show you guys how different they are over various colors and how they seem to reflect the base color too without completely overpowering it. Look my ring finger how the glitter seem to project various colors but in my thumb it seems to be predominantly pink.

I used the dab dab method to apply the glitter. It was pretty easy to apply. It seems to go off easily too when   using the foil method . . . I use the foil method to remove my nail polish pretty much every time.

Base Polish: Jordana Berry Parfait and Rimmel London Black out
Glitter Polish : Nicole by OPI Confetti Fun
Base Coat: Sephora 3 in 1 Base coat
Top Coat: Butter London Hardwear topcoat.

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Monday, July 8, 2013

Polka Dotted Argyle Pattern

Polka Dots . . . Who doesn't luv polka dots??? . . . Me I luv it . . . So when I wanted to do Argyle pattern but not confident enough to use the striping brush, I remembered polka dots. I haven't used polka dots for a while now. So it seemed a good time to do it again. Coming to the striping brush, I always seem to pick more polish on the striping brush and the stripes end up fatty fatty . . . Am still learning . . .

**Before going to pictures I apologize for the bad cuticles. I go thro' bad cuticle phase now and then.

The polishes used are China Glaze Light my Tiki and Milani Cosmetics Gold 3D Holographic polish. CG Light my Tiki is a gorgeous pink with strong orange undertones which makes the polish look bold. It goes opaque in 3 thin layers. Goes on smooth and amazing to work with. I can imagine myself wearing this often when am not in a mood to do a nail art.

Milani cosmetics 3D holograhic polish in Gold is also good and easy to work with and a beautiful polish to do nail art. But am not so satisfied with it as a holographic polish after encountering more holos in the polish world. In this nail art, the Milani Gold holo works beautifully with the CG polish.

The easy way to do this nail art is to do the bigger dots first and then to connect with the smaller dots. And DONE!!! This is a simple nail art which you can do in both hands easily.

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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Floral Gold and Holo

I know! I know! I have been horribly irregular. Will try to post sooner. The heat is making me crazy. I did my nails after quite a break and loved it. So am pushing back the other mani's I have in line for this one.

The base nail polish I used was Born Pretty Store Holographic Nail Polish #4. I won it in a giveaway they had on their blog. The polish is a pinky coral ( Is that even a color. Am so bad at describing colors) My camera picked it up to be more orange. Maybe it was due to the lighting. I don't have a light box and make do with what I have.  The formula is a lil sheer but heavenly to work with. Goes on smooth without and streaks. Not many nail polishes go this smooth without having to put effort on. Even after 2 coats you see the Visible Nail Line (VNL). So for these pictures I did 3 coats. But you can also get away with 2 coats. (Like I did on my right hand :P). The holo effect is amazing in this polish.

I wanted to do a nail art but I didn't want to disturb the holo effect. So I did a simple floral nail art. For the nail art I used my acrylic paint. Very easy to work with and once you start using it . . . you are definitely gonna get addicted.

I realize that the the pics don't do justice for the polish, so when I have a real good sunny day here, I will take pics in the sun and update this post.

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Coral and Spangles Nail Art - Travel Mani 2

Travel Mani again . . . This is the one I had on when I was travelling from India back to US alone with my 2 yr old. Travel with a 2 year old . . . a very active 2 year old is exhausting. By the time I landed I was so ready to hand him over to hubby; which I did. It seemed Jake was also tired of me. He just ran to his dad and stayed with him :P

I need something beautiful to stare at. I used to keep listening to music all the time but with Jake it
wasn't possible. So my nail art takes its place. Whenever I travel I do a real pretty mani which I fall in love with instantly and keep looking at it now and then. I do plan weeks ahead and then filter out the difficult nail arts to something super simple but beautiful.

My twitter followers will know about the gifts my sweet blogger friend Dhara from sent me. It had some really gorgeous spangles. I decided to use it. I couldn't decide which spangle to use so I decided to use one for each nail. There was no doubt about which nail polish to use. It was Coral chic by Maybelline colorama.

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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Few things I love right now . . .

You know this post was first planned as a rant since I was having such a headache couple of hours back. Now that am back with renewed energy this post is going to be about certain things in life am loving right now. May be a smell or a video or a lippy . . . Just anything.

I hope you love reading this as you love reading my other ramblings. Yeah its true . . . My ramblings are the posts with the maximum views. I really cant believe it. But am happy . . . so so so happy.

  1. You know what am gonna miss so much when I go back to US or to Chennai or anywhere else. . . The smell of dirt when the first rain hits the ground. Its such a unique pleasant smell which I haven't yet smelt anywhere else. mmmmm I cud still remember the smell.

  2. The next thing am gonna miss is my mom's fish curry. She makes a mean fish curry. The taste stays with you for a long long time. Even my cousin takes some back when ever he visits us. Its safe to say I didn't get her knack in cooking fish. I prefer to shallow fry or grill it.

  3. My new go-to earring is my new vintage dull gold earring. It was gifted by my sweet friend Dhara. Its such a gorgeous earring. I wear it with just about anything and it suits all.

  4. Who knew Jake loves bike rides on dad's Honda Activa. I prefer him sitting in the back seat between me and dad but I know he prefers sitting in front of dad. I mean sitting and holding the handlebar just where dad holds it and not standing. He prefers doing everything in full measure.

  5. I have done atleast 2 manis consecutively with this yet am not bored and feel like doing more. Its my very first Essie Polish "Meet me at Sunset". Such a gorgeous summery color. I have so many mani ideas popping up when ever I see this bottle.

  6. My new Maybelline BB Stick. I wasn't sure about buying it. It was an impulse buy but I didnt regret one moment of buying it. Makes me feel fresh. It gets better as the day goes by and my face glows. Not the bad glow due to sweat but a subtle glow.

  7. This is my go-to lip color now. Maybelline Jewel Lipstick Fuchsia Crystal. Brightens up my face instantly and the last time I chked it it lasted for more than 5 hours and lasted even after a snack. Just what I need. 

  8. As if the products in the points 6 and 7 is not enough, I also love my Maybelline Color Tattoo Bad to the Bronze. Its Love Love Love. . . 

  9. Jean Paul Gautier Classique Perfume . . . Hubs got it for me 2 yrs back. Lasts all day long and I've had people ask me after more than 5 hours of wear time about this perfume. This is my current love now.

  10. Awwwww !!!! How could I not love my lil rock star's antics. I agree I get headache sometimes and my ears ring from his screeches and screams but there's something adorable in all those screeches and screams. 

  11. I have saved the best for the last. My dad's Easy Chair. I've never sat in a more comfy chair before. Something that makes me sweat within a few minutes. ( I experience that with our couch in chennai). Super comfy and heavenly. Did I say this is very comfy comfy . . . Where do you think am writing this post from? Me and Jake; we compete for this chair. Sometimes am not so charitable and just pick Jake up from this chair and seat him on the sofa before claiming it for me. When I mean compete, it really means compete. The moment I sit up, Jake just slides in behind me waiting for me to get irritated and move. He he he . . . We are both gonna miss this chair. If only I could just pack it up and take it along with me. But then; the moment hubs finds this easy chair, both me and  Jake can forget about it.

P.S : Did you notice that all my makeup loves are from Maybelline. I just noticed it. May be its Maybelline month . . .

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

On other things . . .

I haven't done any mani for 2 weeks now . . . Wud u believe it???? Well Its true . . . The only thing I did is try out the Pure cuticle oil I won in the nail art contest by I love it. Continous use has moisturized my cuticles and now there's no torn cuticles and it has reduced the yellow staining in my nails too. This is going to be a permanent fixture in my daily routine. I broke a nail few days after the travel, fixed it only to break one more nail and trim it a lot shorter.

On other things . . . am in my home town right now . . . Spending some time with my parents and in-laws. Gorging on homemade food . . . and relaxing. Jake has been out of jetlag for about 5 days now. He was in a weird timing, sleeping around 2pm and waking up at 3 am. 3 AM. Yep! am up and about by 3 am in the morning. And my 5 am he is in such a mood to play. *Sigh* I was forever tired and going crazy. Thank God its all over now.

He doesn't have any restriction about when he can go out (may be not during the mid afternoon) and he can run any time which is wat he pretty much does. I live in an apartment in US and you know the rest. No running, no jumping inside the apartment blah blah blah . . .

I havent been able to visit my friends and relatives yet. His cousins are here now and he is having such a good time. Naughty naughty naughty. Didn't know this side of my son at all. His favorite hobby is to follow his cousin Joshua who is 3 yrs elder to him and try to do everything he does. And scare his other cousin Neshiya who is 3 months elder to him. Did I say that he is the naughtiest of all. .

Sometimes am in loss for words and my throat is sore at shouting after him. But he is having such a lovely time and who am I to spoil it.

Am not sure when I will be doing my next mani . . . so until then as my blog name goes am gonna ramble.

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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Travel Rant

The next time am flying with my son it has to be with my hubby. May be when am travelling to US again will be the last time. I was frustrated is a mild thing to say. I was frazzled and ready to scream.

Jake is a live wire who needs action all the time. He hates waiting in lines, hates waiting to disembark the flight, hates waiting for the in-flight television to start up . . . well he plainly hates to wait. He throws a tantrum after all that wait and by the time the flight takes off he is fast asleep on my lap and the flight attendant has to rush for a infant seat belt. Thank god it fit him. And he is fast asleep for a few hours giving me a much needed break.

He also likes a few things like the escalator . . . He has to get on every escalator he laid his eyes on. He made me take every walking escalator on the way to the boarding gate. And when I missed one escalator made me take the one back and then come forward again *sigh*.

The flight to Abudhabi was, I guess it was ok since Jake didn't know about the next flight waiting for him. I was actually happy that Jake was coping up well. It all started just as we boarded the flight to Trivandrum in abu-dhabi. Half way through boarding, he guessed it was another flight he was boarding and decided not to board and started a tantrum AGAIN. I had to carry him physically to our seat after which the tantrum still continued with the air hostess promising him a hot choclate :D and some toys (The toys flew from his hand across the seat. *ofcourse he threw it*). I had to apologize to the bewildered girl who was totally confused. I was so sorry for her. 15 min later he was sleeping again :) This time he was sleeping on me literally. I found some Maroon 5 music which was the only one I liked and the moment I start listening to it he woke up, which meant I cant listen to anything. The funny thing is the flight attendant gave me Jake's meal as my meal and me, too tired to see it; had it. Grrrrrrrrrrrr

A massive tantrum started again when the fellow travelers didn't disembark the flight fast enough for my son at Trivandrum. It continued all the way to the baggage carousal, at which I got special permission from the officials to hand my son to my parents who were waiting for me. It was then the first peaceful moment for the first time in 18 hours. Just imagine how I wud have looked then. Hair flying all around me, sunken eyes, desperate face . . .

By the time I got back to them they were sweating and my son running circles around them.

My first breath of Indian air mixed with sweat and garbage drifting from somewhere was sooooooooo good, as was holding my parents hands talking about Jake's tantrums. The tiredness was all gone rejuvenating me.

Wat an eventful travel. . .

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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Nail art Lust list - I

From the moment I touched India I haven't been able to do any mani at all. But I have a few nail arts i wanna try and master. Someday I am gonna do it all but the list will keep growing. I love browsing and looking at new nail arts just like the way I love to do window shopping. Hubby hates it :P. May be I do it just to annoy him a little. A girl got to have some time pass yaar.

May be I will do a lust list of nail arts now and then. A list of nail arts I love to do sometime. So here it comes the first installment.

**Click on the images and it will take u to the original post.**

Sugar spun gradient Nail Art
I have seen a few sugar spun nails on google images but nothing as beautiful as this. She also has a tutorial.This one is from one of my favorite nail bloggers Ashley from Spellboundnails.

 Pastel Gradient with studs Nail Art
Can u believe I haven't done a gradient yet? Soon soon . . . Until then enjoy this. I love Ashley's color choices. This one is also from spellboundnails.

Dry water marbling Nail Art
Am so not going to do water marbling? I hate to go halfway thro' only to fail. So being in the safe side am gonna do this dry water marbling. This one is from the enamelgirl blog

Chevron Nail Art
I have been attracted by chevron nails for a while now. Its so beautiful and u can do it in so many ways. So imagine a chevron nails with my favorite color purple. The picture of beauty. This one is by Maria from sonailicious.

Ikat chevron Nail Art
I wont do it ever I guess. This is such a beautiful mani and if the color choices were pleasant . . . . Chk it out. This one is by April from concreteandnailpolish.

Fishtail braid Nail Art
                I was tempted by the fishtail braid when I saw it on my friend and one of the my favorite nail bloggers Pearl from preciouspearlmakeup. Such a gorgeous manicure.

Tetris Nails:
              Again first love :) . This is by my dear friend and amazing blogger Dimpal from crazy polishes.

Stained Glass Nail Art
I have left the best for the last. Have you ever seen such a gorgeous manicure. This one is by Kirstie from nailcake I am not gonna talk abt this. The picture speaks for itself.


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Today is also the community roll up day for the Indian Lacquer Lovers. Do chk wat my friends have come up with.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Glamour Glequin mani - Fun and Fail

Have u ever been in luv with a near fail mani. . . Am so in love with glequins that I wudn't call the failed attempt as fail but a near fail. It is also the first ever mani a stranger told me, she luved it. :D

Its sparkly and not too gaudy. Just the way I like it. Not that I hate sparkly mani . . . am all for it. This was just the one for my travel. I was frazzled, frustrated and that doesn't even describe how I felt. If a mani was specially done to lift me up, this was that.

It took so much time for me to do it but it was worth it. My topcoat was getting dried up and tried to use my revlon topcat and it got lumpy. And my base coat bubbled up and I noticed it only after 3 layers. I dunno how I managed to finish it. But am definitely redoing it when i get  enough time.

The Base polish is NYC East Village which is a bluish green color . . . Such a gorgeous color I tell you.

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This is a delayed post for the Indian Lacquer Lovers Community round up.  Chk below to see all that my lovely friends have come up with; this week. 

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Vintage Roses

I've always wanted to do roses on my nails but wasn't  confident at all. Then I saw a video which was a super easy way to do it. And then that was it. I decided I had to do it.

I didn't want the base to be white and accentuate every flaws so I went with Grey shimmer. . . I haven't used it much but when ever I use it the mani comes out well . . .

It looked go gorgeous. I was really sad when I had to remove it. But will definitely do this mani again.

Here goes my nails . . .

1) First do your base coat to protect your nail from the harsh chemicals
2) Paint you nails in a grey shimmer like the ELF Nail polish in Metal Madness.
3) Then top it off with your top coat so that even if you do mistakes you can correct it.
4) After its dry take a pale pink color and apply it as a random shape ( not too big) in random places.
5) Then take your nail art detail brush and use a bright pink color and do "c shapes" starting from the middle to the end.
6) There! you have ur rose :D
7) Clean the brush and Use the same to do the leaves with a green color.
8) Once its all dry apply a top coat and seal your nail art.

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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Valentine Skittle Nail Art

Is it ever too late for a valentine post???? (A subtle way of telling you guys this is a late valentine nail art post) .

I was in a mood for a skittle nails. Also debuting in this nail art are my rhinestones I got from ebay. Also the heart here I used my dotting tools to put two dots close to each other and then draw it into a heart. This worked good especially for the big heart.

Here it goes.

So, what do you think?????

In other news theres 2 more mani coming up and after which I will go on a week without polish. . . I have received the cuticle oil by Simple Nail Art Tips and am gonna try it. As far I have read about it . . . it works wonders. Cant wait to try it out.

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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Giveaway by Ankita from

Check out the giveaway by the amazing Ankita from She does amazing tutorials, which are simple and doable even by beginners.

The giveaway ends by Feb 23rd.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Am baaaaaccccccckkkkkk!!!!!!! was a lil busy for sometime and there's some news and some new stuff on here which I will tell you next week. I have a few ideas for posts other than nail art . . . You gotta wait and find out.

I had some good news the last couple of weeks . . . Won the nail art competition by Ana Seidel from She recreated my manicure for her nails on valentines day. It was such a pleasure to see my nail art being created by her. And added to that I won the Sephora gift card giveaway by I cant stop grinning. 

I haven't yet decided what to buy from Sephora yet. But my prize from have arrived. I got her Pure refill Kits which I so much wanted. The prize also included 6 glitter pots and a personalized copy of her book. I'm using the glitter pots next week. 

I have a nail art lined up for tomorrow. Actually I had two but I didn't photograph the other one. I was busy with my son's second birthday and all that. But I will recreate it in a couple of weeks. 

So for now . . . wait for a valentine skittle nail art. 

Monday, February 11, 2013

Abstract view of Japanese Cherry Blossom

During my usual rounds of nail art blogs I found this nail art contest by Kelsie. Inspiration for the entries should be drawn from the pinterest board she had created for this purpose. All the pics were awesome and I had difficulty in choosing my one. But this won me over with the lovely combination of red and pink.

My interpretation

1) Start with your base coat to protect your nails.
2) Apply a pink nail polish for your base. I used Jordana Nail Polish "Berry Parfait".
3) Take some red nail polish in a foil paper. Take some saran wrap(Cling wrap) and make a ball with it. Dip it in the polish and apply it in a random fashion on your nails. For the Red Polish I used Jordana Nail Polish "Ruby Red"
4) Wait until it is dry and then repeat the same with the pink polish in places where the red polish dominates.
5) Once it is completely dry, apply top coat. I use NYC Long Wearing Extra Shiny Top Coat.
6) Then using dotting tools and detailed Nail art brush do the nail art. 
7) After the nail art is completely dry apply one more generous top coat. 

So . . . wat do u think about this nail art. 

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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Mani Fail Post - 1

Sorry for being MIA again . . . I have been thinking lot abt whether I need to post this but then decided once in a while I'd post some Mani Fail posts as well. This also will have some posts where the mani picture turns me down as well . . . Now I have 3 mani pictures. Well . . . I have 4 but I've decided to post one separate since that was a valentine mani . . .

Black Polka Dots with a splash of color 
Actually this turned out to be good but a great person that I am, I forgot to take pictures. I remembered about the pictures when I was about to remove it for my next mani after 5 days :(. So here it is . . . Please ignore the tip wear.

Hubby's Birthday Mani
I decided to do this the last minute and didn't think this through. I didnt have certain colors and I wasn't that satisfied with it. And I took these pictures the next day and the mani already had cracks in it :( And here it is.

Bows and stripes
I started this with a lot of hope but just 2 . . . just 2 nails spoiled the whole thing. And that too at the very last moment. Lazy that I am didn't remove it. Just went ahead with it.

I luved this mani when I saw it here and I knew I had to do it :)

So wat do u think . . .

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