Monday, July 8, 2013

Polka Dotted Argyle Pattern

Polka Dots . . . Who doesn't luv polka dots??? . . . Me I luv it . . . So when I wanted to do Argyle pattern but not confident enough to use the striping brush, I remembered polka dots. I haven't used polka dots for a while now. So it seemed a good time to do it again. Coming to the striping brush, I always seem to pick more polish on the striping brush and the stripes end up fatty fatty . . . Am still learning . . .

**Before going to pictures I apologize for the bad cuticles. I go thro' bad cuticle phase now and then.

The polishes used are China Glaze Light my Tiki and Milani Cosmetics Gold 3D Holographic polish. CG Light my Tiki is a gorgeous pink with strong orange undertones which makes the polish look bold. It goes opaque in 3 thin layers. Goes on smooth and amazing to work with. I can imagine myself wearing this often when am not in a mood to do a nail art.

Milani cosmetics 3D holograhic polish in Gold is also good and easy to work with and a beautiful polish to do nail art. But am not so satisfied with it as a holographic polish after encountering more holos in the polish world. In this nail art, the Milani Gold holo works beautifully with the CG polish.

The easy way to do this nail art is to do the bigger dots first and then to connect with the smaller dots. And DONE!!! This is a simple nail art which you can do in both hands easily.

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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Floral Gold and Holo

I know! I know! I have been horribly irregular. Will try to post sooner. The heat is making me crazy. I did my nails after quite a break and loved it. So am pushing back the other mani's I have in line for this one.

The base nail polish I used was Born Pretty Store Holographic Nail Polish #4. I won it in a giveaway they had on their blog. The polish is a pinky coral ( Is that even a color. Am so bad at describing colors) My camera picked it up to be more orange. Maybe it was due to the lighting. I don't have a light box and make do with what I have.  The formula is a lil sheer but heavenly to work with. Goes on smooth without and streaks. Not many nail polishes go this smooth without having to put effort on. Even after 2 coats you see the Visible Nail Line (VNL). So for these pictures I did 3 coats. But you can also get away with 2 coats. (Like I did on my right hand :P). The holo effect is amazing in this polish.

I wanted to do a nail art but I didn't want to disturb the holo effect. So I did a simple floral nail art. For the nail art I used my acrylic paint. Very easy to work with and once you start using it . . . you are definitely gonna get addicted.

I realize that the the pics don't do justice for the polish, so when I have a real good sunny day here, I will take pics in the sun and update this post.

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