Wednesday, March 20, 2013

On other things . . .

I haven't done any mani for 2 weeks now . . . Wud u believe it???? Well Its true . . . The only thing I did is try out the Pure cuticle oil I won in the nail art contest by I love it. Continous use has moisturized my cuticles and now there's no torn cuticles and it has reduced the yellow staining in my nails too. This is going to be a permanent fixture in my daily routine. I broke a nail few days after the travel, fixed it only to break one more nail and trim it a lot shorter.

On other things . . . am in my home town right now . . . Spending some time with my parents and in-laws. Gorging on homemade food . . . and relaxing. Jake has been out of jetlag for about 5 days now. He was in a weird timing, sleeping around 2pm and waking up at 3 am. 3 AM. Yep! am up and about by 3 am in the morning. And my 5 am he is in such a mood to play. *Sigh* I was forever tired and going crazy. Thank God its all over now.

He doesn't have any restriction about when he can go out (may be not during the mid afternoon) and he can run any time which is wat he pretty much does. I live in an apartment in US and you know the rest. No running, no jumping inside the apartment blah blah blah . . .

I havent been able to visit my friends and relatives yet. His cousins are here now and he is having such a good time. Naughty naughty naughty. Didn't know this side of my son at all. His favorite hobby is to follow his cousin Joshua who is 3 yrs elder to him and try to do everything he does. And scare his other cousin Neshiya who is 3 months elder to him. Did I say that he is the naughtiest of all. .

Sometimes am in loss for words and my throat is sore at shouting after him. But he is having such a lovely time and who am I to spoil it.

Am not sure when I will be doing my next mani . . . so until then as my blog name goes am gonna ramble.

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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Travel Rant

The next time am flying with my son it has to be with my hubby. May be when am travelling to US again will be the last time. I was frustrated is a mild thing to say. I was frazzled and ready to scream.

Jake is a live wire who needs action all the time. He hates waiting in lines, hates waiting to disembark the flight, hates waiting for the in-flight television to start up . . . well he plainly hates to wait. He throws a tantrum after all that wait and by the time the flight takes off he is fast asleep on my lap and the flight attendant has to rush for a infant seat belt. Thank god it fit him. And he is fast asleep for a few hours giving me a much needed break.

He also likes a few things like the escalator . . . He has to get on every escalator he laid his eyes on. He made me take every walking escalator on the way to the boarding gate. And when I missed one escalator made me take the one back and then come forward again *sigh*.

The flight to Abudhabi was, I guess it was ok since Jake didn't know about the next flight waiting for him. I was actually happy that Jake was coping up well. It all started just as we boarded the flight to Trivandrum in abu-dhabi. Half way through boarding, he guessed it was another flight he was boarding and decided not to board and started a tantrum AGAIN. I had to carry him physically to our seat after which the tantrum still continued with the air hostess promising him a hot choclate :D and some toys (The toys flew from his hand across the seat. *ofcourse he threw it*). I had to apologize to the bewildered girl who was totally confused. I was so sorry for her. 15 min later he was sleeping again :) This time he was sleeping on me literally. I found some Maroon 5 music which was the only one I liked and the moment I start listening to it he woke up, which meant I cant listen to anything. The funny thing is the flight attendant gave me Jake's meal as my meal and me, too tired to see it; had it. Grrrrrrrrrrrr

A massive tantrum started again when the fellow travelers didn't disembark the flight fast enough for my son at Trivandrum. It continued all the way to the baggage carousal, at which I got special permission from the officials to hand my son to my parents who were waiting for me. It was then the first peaceful moment for the first time in 18 hours. Just imagine how I wud have looked then. Hair flying all around me, sunken eyes, desperate face . . .

By the time I got back to them they were sweating and my son running circles around them.

My first breath of Indian air mixed with sweat and garbage drifting from somewhere was sooooooooo good, as was holding my parents hands talking about Jake's tantrums. The tiredness was all gone rejuvenating me.

Wat an eventful travel. . .

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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Nail art Lust list - I

From the moment I touched India I haven't been able to do any mani at all. But I have a few nail arts i wanna try and master. Someday I am gonna do it all but the list will keep growing. I love browsing and looking at new nail arts just like the way I love to do window shopping. Hubby hates it :P. May be I do it just to annoy him a little. A girl got to have some time pass yaar.

May be I will do a lust list of nail arts now and then. A list of nail arts I love to do sometime. So here it comes the first installment.

**Click on the images and it will take u to the original post.**

Sugar spun gradient Nail Art
I have seen a few sugar spun nails on google images but nothing as beautiful as this. She also has a tutorial.This one is from one of my favorite nail bloggers Ashley from Spellboundnails.

 Pastel Gradient with studs Nail Art
Can u believe I haven't done a gradient yet? Soon soon . . . Until then enjoy this. I love Ashley's color choices. This one is also from spellboundnails.

Dry water marbling Nail Art
Am so not going to do water marbling? I hate to go halfway thro' only to fail. So being in the safe side am gonna do this dry water marbling. This one is from the enamelgirl blog

Chevron Nail Art
I have been attracted by chevron nails for a while now. Its so beautiful and u can do it in so many ways. So imagine a chevron nails with my favorite color purple. The picture of beauty. This one is by Maria from sonailicious.

Ikat chevron Nail Art
I wont do it ever I guess. This is such a beautiful mani and if the color choices were pleasant . . . . Chk it out. This one is by April from concreteandnailpolish.

Fishtail braid Nail Art
                I was tempted by the fishtail braid when I saw it on my friend and one of the my favorite nail bloggers Pearl from preciouspearlmakeup. Such a gorgeous manicure.

Tetris Nails:
              Again first love :) . This is by my dear friend and amazing blogger Dimpal from crazy polishes.

Stained Glass Nail Art
I have left the best for the last. Have you ever seen such a gorgeous manicure. This one is by Kirstie from nailcake I am not gonna talk abt this. The picture speaks for itself.


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Monday, March 11, 2013

Glamour Glequin mani - Fun and Fail

Have u ever been in luv with a near fail mani. . . Am so in love with glequins that I wudn't call the failed attempt as fail but a near fail. It is also the first ever mani a stranger told me, she luved it. :D

Its sparkly and not too gaudy. Just the way I like it. Not that I hate sparkly mani . . . am all for it. This was just the one for my travel. I was frazzled, frustrated and that doesn't even describe how I felt. If a mani was specially done to lift me up, this was that.

It took so much time for me to do it but it was worth it. My topcoat was getting dried up and tried to use my revlon topcat and it got lumpy. And my base coat bubbled up and I noticed it only after 3 layers. I dunno how I managed to finish it. But am definitely redoing it when i get  enough time.

The Base polish is NYC East Village which is a bluish green color . . . Such a gorgeous color I tell you.

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