Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Coral and Spangles Nail Art - Travel Mani 2

Travel Mani again . . . This is the one I had on when I was travelling from India back to US alone with my 2 yr old. Travel with a 2 year old . . . a very active 2 year old is exhausting. By the time I landed I was so ready to hand him over to hubby; which I did. It seemed Jake was also tired of me. He just ran to his dad and stayed with him :P

I need something beautiful to stare at. I used to keep listening to music all the time but with Jake it
wasn't possible. So my nail art takes its place. Whenever I travel I do a real pretty mani which I fall in love with instantly and keep looking at it now and then. I do plan weeks ahead and then filter out the difficult nail arts to something super simple but beautiful.

My twitter followers will know about the gifts my sweet blogger friend Dhara from Thehappytherapi.com sent me. It had some really gorgeous spangles. I decided to use it. I couldn't decide which spangle to use so I decided to use one for each nail. There was no doubt about which nail polish to use. It was Coral chic by Maybelline colorama.

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