Sunday, February 10, 2013

Mani Fail Post - 1

Sorry for being MIA again . . . I have been thinking lot abt whether I need to post this but then decided once in a while I'd post some Mani Fail posts as well. This also will have some posts where the mani picture turns me down as well . . . Now I have 3 mani pictures. Well . . . I have 4 but I've decided to post one separate since that was a valentine mani . . .

Black Polka Dots with a splash of color 
Actually this turned out to be good but a great person that I am, I forgot to take pictures. I remembered about the pictures when I was about to remove it for my next mani after 5 days :(. So here it is . . . Please ignore the tip wear.

Hubby's Birthday Mani
I decided to do this the last minute and didn't think this through. I didnt have certain colors and I wasn't that satisfied with it. And I took these pictures the next day and the mani already had cracks in it :( And here it is.

Bows and stripes
I started this with a lot of hope but just 2 . . . just 2 nails spoiled the whole thing. And that too at the very last moment. Lazy that I am didn't remove it. Just went ahead with it.

I luved this mani when I saw it here and I knew I had to do it :)

So wat do u think . . .

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