Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Floral Gold and Holo

I know! I know! I have been horribly irregular. Will try to post sooner. The heat is making me crazy. I did my nails after quite a break and loved it. So am pushing back the other mani's I have in line for this one.

The base nail polish I used was Born Pretty Store Holographic Nail Polish #4. I won it in a giveaway they had on their blog. The polish is a pinky coral ( Is that even a color. Am so bad at describing colors) My camera picked it up to be more orange. Maybe it was due to the lighting. I don't have a light box and make do with what I have.  The formula is a lil sheer but heavenly to work with. Goes on smooth without and streaks. Not many nail polishes go this smooth without having to put effort on. Even after 2 coats you see the Visible Nail Line (VNL). So for these pictures I did 3 coats. But you can also get away with 2 coats. (Like I did on my right hand :P). The holo effect is amazing in this polish.

I wanted to do a nail art but I didn't want to disturb the holo effect. So I did a simple floral nail art. For the nail art I used my acrylic paint. Very easy to work with and once you start using it . . . you are definitely gonna get addicted.

I realize that the the pics don't do justice for the polish, so when I have a real good sunny day here, I will take pics in the sun and update this post.

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  1. i love the holo effect... :)

    try clicking in indirect sunlight
    that brings out the proper color.

    1. Will try. . . its been cloudy for a couple of days . . . no proper sunlight to take pics.


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