Monday, August 26, 2013

Glitter Gradient with Loose Glitter

This post is one thing am going to be spot on . . . My Birthday Mani . . . I did it the previous night . . . I wanted a super simple yet glittery one. *was almost tempted to use my Butter London Royal collection*. I had plans for it early on. So here's my Glitter Gradient with loose glitter.

I mixed silver holo glitter, baby pink glitter, silver hexagonal glitter and baby pink  hexagonal glitter over a base of Deborah Milano Shine Tech Nail Enamel # 10 *my most used and my super favorite polish* So what do you think . . . As I tweeted . . . Its messy, its not perfect but I love it. Am in luuuuuuvvvvv . . .

I had no time to take it on 25th as I was super busy and when I got free the sun had set *grrrrrr*. So apart from one picture I could not get any more pictures in the sun :(. Also the color shift and the real glitter was so damn hard to capture. That's so irritating. That apart . . . My mani is so cute that I keep looking at my nails now and then . . . just to watch them glitter . . .

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*Macro picture of the glitter*

And finally my birthday gifts . . . Gifts from my love *Butter London The Royal Collection and Urban decay Naked 2 Palette* and from Sephora *Benefit goodies*

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Glitter Gradient

I didn't do any mani for rakshabandan but later on decided to use this mani for rakshabandan. Why????? I remember rakhis having multitude of colors (you know what I mean). . . Glittering. That's how I remember it. We don't have the custom of rakhi in our community though.

I am not so much of a glitter person on my nails but recently I have been wanting to do it . . . Dunno why. And then I saw this Nicole By OPI *Selena Gomez Edition* Confetti Fun. Such a gorgeous glitter. I could see silver, blue, gold, pink, green and what not. 

I didn't take a mani picture at first. I was so busy enjoying the polish. Then I decided to re-do it with little change. I used two base colors this time. (Will tell you the reason later) First time I did it with pink base. It was so gorgeous. I mean seriously pretty with all those colors winking at me. 

The next time I did it, I did two finger in black and the rest pink. I wanted to show you guys how different they are over various colors and how they seem to reflect the base color too without completely overpowering it. Look my ring finger how the glitter seem to project various colors but in my thumb it seems to be predominantly pink.

I used the dab dab method to apply the glitter. It was pretty easy to apply. It seems to go off easily too when   using the foil method . . . I use the foil method to remove my nail polish pretty much every time.

Base Polish: Jordana Berry Parfait and Rimmel London Black out
Glitter Polish : Nicole by OPI Confetti Fun
Base Coat: Sephora 3 in 1 Base coat
Top Coat: Butter London Hardwear topcoat.

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