Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Vintage Roses

I've always wanted to do roses on my nails but wasn't  confident at all. Then I saw a video which was a super easy way to do it. And then that was it. I decided I had to do it.

I didn't want the base to be white and accentuate every flaws so I went with Grey shimmer. . . I haven't used it much but when ever I use it the mani comes out well . . .

It looked go gorgeous. I was really sad when I had to remove it. But will definitely do this mani again.

Here goes my nails . . .

1) First do your base coat to protect your nail from the harsh chemicals
2) Paint you nails in a grey shimmer like the ELF Nail polish in Metal Madness.
3) Then top it off with your top coat so that even if you do mistakes you can correct it.
4) After its dry take a pale pink color and apply it as a random shape ( not too big) in random places.
5) Then take your nail art detail brush and use a bright pink color and do "c shapes" starting from the middle to the end.
6) There! you have ur rose :D
7) Clean the brush and Use the same to do the leaves with a green color.
8) Once its all dry apply a top coat and seal your nail art.

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  1. ohh these looks pretty!!! good idea not to use white! I used white base for my roses and it made all the flaws stand out!! urs look so cute!

    1. Thanks kej . . .White is so hard to apply evenly.


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