Thursday, September 12, 2013

Life without TV, Facebook and Twitter

I was putting Jake to sleep when I suddenly thought about my stay as a Paying Guest when I  first joined work. After 3 months in my aunt's house and 3 months in a horrible hostel(they call themselves PG) I was desperately looking for a new place to stay. I dont care for more than 1 roommate. So with the price range in the equation it was too complicated. I finally found one and when I was ready to move my parents was super scared. My mom even had one of her friends check it out. The room(board + food) was heaven for the price range I was looking at. And me the only person there was the topping. It ate away half my salary but it was great. A few months later my friend joined me for a few months but for many more months I was alone.

It was then, I started reading voraciously. I used to read even in school and college but not much tho'. This time I found a good library which actually was ripping me off. But it was ok for me. I got books. It all mattered. I used to rent once a week (twice a week sometimes) with 4 books each time. I even took up walking early morning. I used to wake up at 6 am and walk around. I still remember the feel of the early morning sun on me.

But I never tweeted, no facebook, instagrammed . . . anything. I didn't have a laptop or computer with me then and no Tv either. I used to talk on the phone so much, racking up bills. (I still dunno how I managed on the salary). The moment I reach home, I would take my book and read until, dinner comes. Then read somemore continuing thro' my dinner, till I sleep. Fridays I read up late, talking on the phone and so. Books and Sleep were my companion in equal. As much I read books, I slept too.

It may sound boring but I still remember this period as the best period in my working life. Weekends was window shopping in malls with friends. Window shopping was not about looking at clothes. It was about having fun with friends. We talk, we tease and we have fun. Later(after tsunami) I was introduced to the social arm of the company I was working then. After that, every Saturday, we'd go to the villages affected by tsunami and meet with the kids and spend the morning with them. I learnt so much from them. They have so much courage and even after all they went through in their lives, they were so strong. And oh! we have been to catamaran rides too; twice; in a fishing boat; and met dolphins. It was so much fun. The humid cool air hitting our faces with the splashes of sea water. . . And come back badly tanned. And spend the next few weeks trying to remove the tan.

And then the time with my friend "Amie", who joined me later, was really great. We did the same thing; read books and sleep. But I got a companion for my Sunday walk to the church nearby. We'd walk to church; pray; then to the nearby Coffee Shop and get "Death by Chocolate". That was yum. I've never tasted anything better. We never had the drink in the coffee shop. We'd walk to the nearby skating rink and then just sit there watching little tykes learning to skate. They were so adorable to watch. Then walk back to our room for dinner.

But I never tweeted, no facebook, instagrammed . . . anything. And I never felt bored. And that period is something I remember as being happy.

Now I cant remember a day we don't get onto twitter, facebook or watch a movie or TV show. And I dunno what I'd do without them. I'd get bored. But what has changed? What happened to those simple pleasures in life. It all seems a little naive now but I was happy.

If I went back to that period again; Will I be bored or be rejuvenated??????????????

Oh I still read books too. I read it online. But you cant beat the feel of a book in your hands, turning the pages. Setting bookmarks. Whatcha say?????

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  1. Awesome. Loved the post
    You brought back some awesome memories. And I totally agree with No twitter, no Facebook days being fun. I am sure we will still enjoy those simple pleasures if only we had the factor called time. Those window shopping days to Spencers are still fresh in my mind. Let me stop here. I don't want to be writing a sub blog to your blog. But I truly enjoyed reading this and keep it coming.


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