Friday, February 22, 2013

Am baaaaaccccccckkkkkk!!!!!!! was a lil busy for sometime and there's some news and some new stuff on here which I will tell you next week. I have a few ideas for posts other than nail art . . . You gotta wait and find out.

I had some good news the last couple of weeks . . . Won the nail art competition by Ana Seidel from She recreated my manicure for her nails on valentines day. It was such a pleasure to see my nail art being created by her. And added to that I won the Sephora gift card giveaway by I cant stop grinning. 

I haven't yet decided what to buy from Sephora yet. But my prize from have arrived. I got her Pure refill Kits which I so much wanted. The prize also included 6 glitter pots and a personalized copy of her book. I'm using the glitter pots next week. 

I have a nail art lined up for tomorrow. Actually I had two but I didn't photograph the other one. I was busy with my son's second birthday and all that. But I will recreate it in a couple of weeks. 

So for now . . . wait for a valentine skittle nail art. 


  1. Woohooo for all the prizes :D Jake's bday turned out lucky for u ;)

  2. Actually yeah . . . now that you mentioned, I noticed, 4 days b4 jake's birthday, I won the valentine nail art and 4 after the sephora gift card. :D

  3. You are on a roll girl!! Quick you better enter another competition or buy a lotto ticket! They say gootd things come in threes lol! Congratulations!! I'm so curious to hear your news!! Don't keep us waiting!

  4. Even Hubby's saying the same. . . Lotto ticket :P

    I think am hyping so much abt the news but anyway . . . Just wait. :P


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