Thursday, December 12, 2013

Butter London - No More Waity Katie

So here I am . . . Back after a brief hiatus . . . This is my homecoming nail art . . .

I love doing my nails. I mean . . . adorning my nails. My favorite ways to adorn my nails are glitter, rhinestones, studs, glequins :D . . . I like talking to you guys . . . OK! So what am I trying to tell you. I DONT LIKE TAKING PICS. (So says the woman who claimed to love photography. *sigh* )

So many manis I adored, have gone about without taking pictures. Do I regret that!!!! No! I dont :P. I am just lazy. While I don't post often, I do manis whenever I can. Many go without being photographed and some I do and they sit idle in my lappy.

So, I decided to visit them all and pull my favorite out. And here it is. . . Butter London No More Waity Katie . . . You can't go without falling in luv with this one.

"No More Waity Katie" is a greyish purple base with lilac glitter. I could see some silver glitter too but is it just me? I used 3 coats. The first coat may be a little daunting when you apply it. But after 3 coats you get such a gorgeous finish. 

I didn't want anything to take away its loveliness so I thought I'd do Glequin french manicure. This was uber pretty to look at. 

Removal was a bit difficult for me. You can see the glitter remnants in the cuticle area. But if you are using the foil method it will be a breeze to remove.

A little picture taken in direct sunlight to show you guys the glitter more clearly.

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