Sunday, March 17, 2013

Travel Rant

The next time am flying with my son it has to be with my hubby. May be when am travelling to US again will be the last time. I was frustrated is a mild thing to say. I was frazzled and ready to scream.

Jake is a live wire who needs action all the time. He hates waiting in lines, hates waiting to disembark the flight, hates waiting for the in-flight television to start up . . . well he plainly hates to wait. He throws a tantrum after all that wait and by the time the flight takes off he is fast asleep on my lap and the flight attendant has to rush for a infant seat belt. Thank god it fit him. And he is fast asleep for a few hours giving me a much needed break.

He also likes a few things like the escalator . . . He has to get on every escalator he laid his eyes on. He made me take every walking escalator on the way to the boarding gate. And when I missed one escalator made me take the one back and then come forward again *sigh*.

The flight to Abudhabi was, I guess it was ok since Jake didn't know about the next flight waiting for him. I was actually happy that Jake was coping up well. It all started just as we boarded the flight to Trivandrum in abu-dhabi. Half way through boarding, he guessed it was another flight he was boarding and decided not to board and started a tantrum AGAIN. I had to carry him physically to our seat after which the tantrum still continued with the air hostess promising him a hot choclate :D and some toys (The toys flew from his hand across the seat. *ofcourse he threw it*). I had to apologize to the bewildered girl who was totally confused. I was so sorry for her. 15 min later he was sleeping again :) This time he was sleeping on me literally. I found some Maroon 5 music which was the only one I liked and the moment I start listening to it he woke up, which meant I cant listen to anything. The funny thing is the flight attendant gave me Jake's meal as my meal and me, too tired to see it; had it. Grrrrrrrrrrrr

A massive tantrum started again when the fellow travelers didn't disembark the flight fast enough for my son at Trivandrum. It continued all the way to the baggage carousal, at which I got special permission from the officials to hand my son to my parents who were waiting for me. It was then the first peaceful moment for the first time in 18 hours. Just imagine how I wud have looked then. Hair flying all around me, sunken eyes, desperate face . . .

By the time I got back to them they were sweating and my son running circles around them.

My first breath of Indian air mixed with sweat and garbage drifting from somewhere was sooooooooo good, as was holding my parents hands talking about Jake's tantrums. The tiredness was all gone rejuvenating me.

Wat an eventful travel. . .

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  1. Omg...this brought back memories of Belina's 1st air travel. Thankfully I had my mum with me but Bels was only 6 months old. She couldn't take the air pressure and kept crying for the whole 2 hour flight from Delhi to Mumbai. I had a stopover at elder in-laws place in Delhi and they gifted me gold bangles and a gold chain which I wasn't allowed to keep in my bag but to wear them on my already gold loaded arms and neck. I swear I felt like a walking-talking gold shop :p Unfortunately Belina had kept crying for another couple of hours after the flight as well. These make up for lifetime memories :)

    Hope its better for you when you return :)

    1. Jake's first air travel was good . . . I rather enjoyed it. The only thing I didn't enjoy was the baby carrier in which I was holding Jake. Jake was too heavy for me to hold in front of me. This one was a nightmare.

  2. ohhhhhhh!!! wow!!! thats a lot for one journey!! I jus hope u have a better flight back!!! tc

    1. I cant really handle one more of this episode . . .

  3. Loved this post about your journey! Give my love to Jake :)


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