Sunday, April 14, 2013

Few things I love right now . . .

You know this post was first planned as a rant since I was having such a headache couple of hours back. Now that am back with renewed energy this post is going to be about certain things in life am loving right now. May be a smell or a video or a lippy . . . Just anything.

I hope you love reading this as you love reading my other ramblings. Yeah its true . . . My ramblings are the posts with the maximum views. I really cant believe it. But am happy . . . so so so happy.

  1. You know what am gonna miss so much when I go back to US or to Chennai or anywhere else. . . The smell of dirt when the first rain hits the ground. Its such a unique pleasant smell which I haven't yet smelt anywhere else. mmmmm I cud still remember the smell.

  2. The next thing am gonna miss is my mom's fish curry. She makes a mean fish curry. The taste stays with you for a long long time. Even my cousin takes some back when ever he visits us. Its safe to say I didn't get her knack in cooking fish. I prefer to shallow fry or grill it.

  3. My new go-to earring is my new vintage dull gold earring. It was gifted by my sweet friend Dhara. Its such a gorgeous earring. I wear it with just about anything and it suits all.

  4. Who knew Jake loves bike rides on dad's Honda Activa. I prefer him sitting in the back seat between me and dad but I know he prefers sitting in front of dad. I mean sitting and holding the handlebar just where dad holds it and not standing. He prefers doing everything in full measure.

  5. I have done atleast 2 manis consecutively with this yet am not bored and feel like doing more. Its my very first Essie Polish "Meet me at Sunset". Such a gorgeous summery color. I have so many mani ideas popping up when ever I see this bottle.

  6. My new Maybelline BB Stick. I wasn't sure about buying it. It was an impulse buy but I didnt regret one moment of buying it. Makes me feel fresh. It gets better as the day goes by and my face glows. Not the bad glow due to sweat but a subtle glow.

  7. This is my go-to lip color now. Maybelline Jewel Lipstick Fuchsia Crystal. Brightens up my face instantly and the last time I chked it it lasted for more than 5 hours and lasted even after a snack. Just what I need. 

  8. As if the products in the points 6 and 7 is not enough, I also love my Maybelline Color Tattoo Bad to the Bronze. Its Love Love Love. . . 

  9. Jean Paul Gautier Classique Perfume . . . Hubs got it for me 2 yrs back. Lasts all day long and I've had people ask me after more than 5 hours of wear time about this perfume. This is my current love now.

  10. Awwwww !!!! How could I not love my lil rock star's antics. I agree I get headache sometimes and my ears ring from his screeches and screams but there's something adorable in all those screeches and screams. 

  11. I have saved the best for the last. My dad's Easy Chair. I've never sat in a more comfy chair before. Something that makes me sweat within a few minutes. ( I experience that with our couch in chennai). Super comfy and heavenly. Did I say this is very comfy comfy . . . Where do you think am writing this post from? Me and Jake; we compete for this chair. Sometimes am not so charitable and just pick Jake up from this chair and seat him on the sofa before claiming it for me. When I mean compete, it really means compete. The moment I sit up, Jake just slides in behind me waiting for me to get irritated and move. He he he . . . We are both gonna miss this chair. If only I could just pack it up and take it along with me. But then; the moment hubs finds this easy chair, both me and  Jake can forget about it.

P.S : Did you notice that all my makeup loves are from Maybelline. I just noticed it. May be its Maybelline month . . .

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