Sunday, February 3, 2013

Cute and innocent heart

I came across the nail art comp by simple nail arts few times over the past weeks. I wasn't planning on participating but we are women and we have the right to keep changing our minds right . . . I did change my mind about participating. I decided to participate at the last moment.

Now I had 2 days to figure out a simple . . . very simple valentine nail art which i can easily do myself on my right hand too . . . Even though I haven't used a fan brush or done a heart shaped mani, I thought i did take a risk and I love the end result too . . .

This is an pink and white mani but u cant see the white outright. It sort of peeks through . . . just how I wanted it.

Coming back to the contest, it was conducted my Simple Nail Art Tips. U should chk her Nail and Cuticle oil. Eventhough I havent used it, I have seen great reviews about it.

Cute and Innocent heart tutorial: (Cudnt stop using "Innocent")
  1. Apply your base coat.
  2. Paint your nails in the chosen base polish. I chose "Berry Parfait" by Jordana. It is a gorgeous Pink color. 
  3. Once it's dry, take little white polish in the foil paper. Use fan brush and apply the white polish on your nail horizontally from one side of the nail and then the other side. (if the polish doesnt apply in streaks, but as a broad stroke, just run the fan brush over it twice without dipping it in polish, you will get the streaks)
  4. After the white polish is fully dry, apply pink polish in the same method described in step 3 (same as ur base polish) to your nails. Don't cover your white polish fully instead just enough for the white to peek through. (Think of a white nail polish sandwiched between pink polishes)
  5. Let them dry again fully.
  6. Now for your heart: There are two methods. one is to apply two dots using ur dotting tool and just drag the dots down to make a heart. Second is to use ur dotting tool to make a "V" shape first and then manipulate it to make a heart. ( U can also use free hand) I love the second method since it easy to handle it even if I make a mistake when painting a heart. 
  7. Draw hearts on ur nails as described in step 6. I used a shimmery pink polish. Just as many hearts as u want. Its your wish.
  8. After its all dry, top it off with a top coat.
  9. Now sit back and enjoy ur nails.
Its wat am doing. . . enjoying my nails.

Polishes Used:
Base Coat: Jordana Calcium Boost Base Coat
Base Polish: Jordana Nail Polish "Berry Parfait"
White Polish : NYC Long wearing Nail enamel "French Tip"
Heart           : Zoya Nail Polish "Izzy"
Top Coat : NYC Long wearing Nail enamel Extra shiny Topcoat.

Just look how gorgeous Zoya Izzy is????? Its the one in the hearts. I can see shades of violet in the flash . . . Can you????

So now tell me if you guys like it. I would love to see your comments.

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