Monday, February 3, 2014

Day 1 "The totally doable I have a life Challenge" - Glitter Gradient - Disco Ball

This is my first nail art challenge.Its the "The totally doable I have a life challenge" by Californails. I don't normally participate in challenges since am not sure if I can finish the challenge. But this time I was tempted when my friend Dhara from whatsapped me the details.  I almost backed out if it wasn't for her. So babes this mani is for ya ....

The challenge for day 1 is glitter. The moment I saw the word "glitter" I knew which glitter I was gonna use.I got this teeny weeny bottle of glitter which looked like silver glitter of different sizes. But on close inspection I could see silver, gold, pink, red, blue and an occasional green too.... It was like a disco ball .... Such gorgeousness .... And this disco ball glitter was just Rs.5. I was waiting for a special occasion to wear it. And this seemed to be appropriate.

The base color was to be either black or fuschia pink. I don't wear black for anything other than other than blogging purposes. And since I had to be at my in-laws place today, I decided against black.

I used a cheap eye shadow brush to take the glitter and applied it by dabbing it on wet polish for the gradient effect. I think loose glitter works better for the gradient effect than the glitter polish. Again that's how I feel....

This is a macro picture to show the glitter. Please excuse me for the sorry state of my cuticles.

P:S The pictures in this post were taken at night with white light. Not ideal but had to do it since I completed the mani past 11 on 1st Feb

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