Monday, February 10, 2014

Day 3 "The totally doable I have a life Challenge" XOXO Nail Art

Its just day 3 and am already pressed for time . . . *Sigh* So here's day 3 challenge. XOXO Nail Art.

This was done totally freehand so be patient . . . The inspiration do the kisses freehand was a kisses nail art video by cutepolish.

The polish I used for this is Sonic Boom by Sally Hansen. Sonic boom is a gorgeous bright pink leaning towards red. This is such a gorgeous polish. But the application is tricky. I had one failed attempt using this polish but the second time it worked. Instead of doing thin coats the usual way; do 2 thick coats and you get a gorgeous, streak free, even finish. But the polish is so difficult to capture.

The silver in the nail art is acrylic paint.

See the polish bottle in the last picture . . . Thats the color . . . But see how my nails look reddish *sigh* I took atleast 100 pictures but not even one photo showed me the exact color.

Base Coat - Maybelline Color Show Nail Polish Crystal Clear
Base Polish - lSally Hansen Insta Dri Sonic Boom
Polka Dots - Silver Acrylic paint
Top Coat - Sally Hansen Insta Dri Top Coat

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