Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Day 4 "The totally doable I have a life Challenge" Hearts Nail Art - Holo Hearts

I am up to my neck with work and struggling to complete this challenge even if I am late :P

So the day 4 challenge is hearts . . . I wanted to try a technique which i was skeptical to try . . . But I did and it was easy . . . I mean easy . . . really easy . . . Dragged hearts

I wanted to use my holos for this one; so am using the two holos I own. Born Pretty store holo # 4 and Milani 3D holographic gold. The combination is a blast . . . but so damn difficult to photograph. . . I took these pictures under direct sunlight.

Just look at those holos . . . Aren't they pretty . . . Milani doesn't have that much of holographic properties. But BPS Holo is gorgeous. I am changing my mind about textures. . . I want holos. . . *besotted*

Sorry for the strands of hair . . . Noticed it much later

It would have come out well if I had used a more pigmented polish. But I have no regrets.

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