Monday, September 8, 2008

Blogging again and Rock on

Hey Guys . . .Am back to blogging again. Am going thro' a dry period now due to some personal issues. But I've decided to bounce back again.

The reason is something I watched and is still watching whenever I can . . . The movie "Rock On!!" is that. So a small review is here . . .

* Warning - This is my first review since I don't write reviews. But this is a exception.

I was waiting for the movie to be released for nearly 2 months since the day I listened to the track "Rock On". It was the main reason I wanted to watch the movie but it is not the reason am watching it again and again. Every time I watch it it strikes a chord in me.
Farhan(Aditya), Arjun(Joe), Luke(Rob) and Purab(KD) are the members of the rock band "Majik" and are the heros in the movie. Well!! One cant choose one member to be the hero of the movie. Each member is a very different personality and that is the trait which ties Majik together when they started and that is the one which brings Majik together after 10 years.
Its not easy when you get to live your dream only to lose it. And every character has expressed it very well. Aditya as a person who has locked him within himself, Joe as a person who is depressed and lost hope, Rob as a person who is trying to cling on to a hope of living it again and KD as a person who has left fate has its way. All four has lived the characters.
But its Joe and Rob who attract me in this movie. Even though they couldn't reach their dream, they have taken music to be their life. Rob in the scene when all the members except himself is in a very tense mood before the first performance in "Channel V Launch Pad" (He actually smiles looking at everyone trying to vent it out) and Joe in the climax when he lets go of his wife's hand and joins the band for the song "Sindbad the sailor" does a lot to the movie. Aditya and KD has done well but its the other two who is the backbone of the movie as well as the band.
Something has to be said about the ladies too . . . Prachi desai as sakshi(Aditya's wife), Shabana Goswami as Debbie(Joe's wife) has done well. Sakshi trying to bring happiness to Aditya's life and Debbie trying to prevent Joe getting more depressed if this attempt fails, brings a more in depth look for the movie. But one this I feel out of box is Aditya running off after the rift between himself and Joe and also dumping his GF Tanya (Nicolette Bird) and Tanya marrying the guy who i feel here is a rival to Majik. But the rest of the movie is so good that this doesn't matter at all.
Hats off to Abishek Kapoor and team. . . especially to Shankar, Ehsaan and Loy.

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