Friday, September 19, 2008

My birthday wash

He he . . . Sorry But again its Rock On!! I never been affected by a movie so much or able to relate it to my life. Watching a movie consecutively for three weeks . . . This is the first time in 26 years. Every movie I have watched and been my favorite has started to bore me the second time but am still ready to watch it the fourth time too . . . But not this week probably the next week.
I was thinking about my birthday bash I had in August . . . Know what? it was a birthday wash not a birthday bash. Everyone found one work or the other they had that day. The only good thing that happened was Rock on!! that was released on Aug 29.
Gifts!!!! My dad gifted me a IPOD Nano and my mom and dad together gifted me a saree. And there were other dolls by my friends. Honestly, I don’t understand what happened to them. Dolls for me? Even my team members gifted me the same. I have one on my bed too. My ever practical Nishath gifted me a cotton top to use with my new Jean. The best part is I got myself a Giordano Tshirt, Lee skinny Jean, Raw Hide High heal sandal, and topped it with a Estelle costume jewellery set. Finally I had reduced my weight enough to wear them and even look good in it. Ohhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! I loved it.
And on the day my dinner plan was spoilt coz’ my lead decided a meeting cant go without me and was held up in office until 10:30 pm to present three incident details. What can get worse than that. I had worn a saree to office and every one was surprised to see me coz’ everyone had decided I was every inch a city gal. I let them think what ever they want. He he . . Who wants to keep explaining? The truth is am lazy to wake up early and wear a saree, even though I love wearing it and I know I look gud in it. Hey u gotta accept, wearing a jean and Tshirt is lot easier than wearing a saree. And Oh! Let me tell u a secret: I am really very very lazy and every inch a small town gal from Nagercoil, Kanyakumari. But they need not know that . . . Do they?
And again am out of the topic. . . We were talking about my Birthday Wash. After my B’day dinner being spoilt I had planned for going to Rock on!! with my friends followed by dinner. The movie was good and that made the best start for a day out with my friends. But it was just me with my other 3 friends. Even for dinner many didn’t bother to come. My dear friend Moumita was with me the whole day and I was feeling great that at least she was with me that day. By the end she was feeling a bit ill when we had out dinner at Cascade in Besant Nagar. But still she was not ready to end the fun. She still stayed on with me. Moumi, dear you made my day special. Dinner was great. My college friend Nawin joined me for dinner. Food was exceptionally good. Cascade always provides the best. After dinner we split for the night. Moumi was staying with me for the night and we had a time of the night chatting about work, marriage and other stuff. I am eager for another night like that. Well! It was not a failure but a disappointment since Nishath didn’t join me the whole day and Benitta was with me for only half the movie.
But know what I have decided no more birthday treats and plans. I will travel home and be with my parents and we will have the best time in the world. Not one more like this one.

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