Monday, February 25, 2008

Info about my poems

When you all read ma poems and lyrics, only very few understand my seriousness with which I write my lyrics. Guys, I wanna be a lyricist . . .Thats my dream, passion and everything.

Many ppl who read it(around 95%), think and ask me, who do you love or who made you write all these poems. Am not one of such person, to fall in love and then keep writing about all my feelings. I might fall in love, but I will make sure ,my life is not so sad as I write in my poems.

I write most of my poems after reading some romantic books. There are authors who write romance books so emotional, so that when you read them you are in tears. These books help me write my lyrics, since the core in my poems and lyrics are feelings.

And to those who still think, "Nope! I dont believe in what she says. She is in love in someone, thats why is writing so emotional"(I have heard ppl telling me so. They wudnt believe me even if I swear.) . . . My answer is "Please Please Please Please Please Please Go ahead and keep thinking so. coz' those who believe me and trust me is all who matters to me."

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