Friday, September 19, 2008

Sour moods

Yesterday my mind was in such turmoil. I was facing such a emotional upheaval, that I couldn’t either sleep or watch TV or do nothing. I went back to my world of books and music. With Ronan Keating and Blue at the background I took my copy of “Gentle Warrior” by “Julie Garwood” to read. Even Julie Garwood couldn’t bring it back to control. I resorted to my final way of bringing it out. I wrote my new song “Don’t walk away”. It’s still in the draft form and one of the darkest songs I have written. I just wanted to write it so that I can find peace in it. Well! I did find peace after a struggle of 5 hours I went to sleep at 5 am today morning. And then it starts all over again slept late and late to office too.
Tell you what . . . these are one of the very few times I feel the need to let myself go and depend on someone and forget about everything else. But I rode the night out with what I can do myself in the confines of four walls. I honestly don’t care about all the practical reasons why you should marry, but this is the only reason I can think the reason for tying the knot. But this is truly a day dream for me for undisclosed reasons. I don’t wanna end this up sarcastically. But a man crazy about music, loves books and interested to travel to places where Mother Nature is in her utmost beauty is welcome in my life. (He he I know such a man doesn’t exist.)
And coming back to my original topic, I still feel a emotional upheaval. I honestly dunno why. Is my instincts working overtime or is something really going to happen or am I just feeling lonely. I gotta wait to know that. But I know a positive outcome of all this. There are going to be some new songs written. Well! That’s my only way out of all this.

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