Thursday, April 12, 2007

Back Home

Apr 7, 2007: I am posting it now . . . coz' I didnt have time then.

I have come home to my parents for Easter. I feel refreshed and energetic. Its raining here rather heavily. I have chosen a baby pink color saree for wearing on easter day. I think that color suits me. I got couple of WESTLIFE DVDs a week back. I never got time to watch it fully and clearly. I am watching it rather frequently here. They are so good, cant really get bored. Well! My Bro does stare at me irritatedly . . .but I wudnt give up.

My Bro' getting angry . . . .He is not like me . . .rather like my mom. . . I live with music like the air I breathe. It helps me live in happiness and be a optimist. To the point why my Bro' angry is he wud have listened to their songs atleast 3 times a day and me more. I wud watch it again and again to admire MF alone . . . May be I should write a post seperately for him alone. I want to write a poem when am here . . . but I am not able to . . . am too realxed for that.

I love the climate here . . . I feel its so romantic.

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