Friday, April 13, 2007


Apr 9, 2007: Didnt get time to post it. . . so posting it now. . .

I just returned from my home . . . Nope not from Besant Nagar but from Nagercoil. I have been in chennai for nearly 3 years and in the present house for nearly 1 years and 6 months. Yet why am I not able to call it a  home. I have always wondered whats the difference between a House and Home. For 21 years I had been with my parents and I clearly didnt know anything different. I was always surrounded with love.

I am now typing this one and half hours before I start for chennai and I am trying to get my mind together for working. I always think how great would it be to return to someone you love and care for after you work. May be thats why I dont feel like leaving office every night . . . I dont wanna return to a house . . . I wanna come home. I have longed this for 3 years. . . Every thing doesnt go your way.

I now remember the moment I got a information from my Placement Officer that my offer letter had arrived and am supposed to go to chennai in 2 days. I was in a phone booth in tirunelveli after my eye check up and I just cried then and there. I well knew my life's gonna change the way I dont want it to . . . But am happy I was able to keep myself in check . . . I do what I feel like doing and am what I feel like being.

I am now writing this from home with my mom and dad near me. When I write next I will be alone. :(((((((((((((((((((((((((((

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