Sunday, December 31, 2006


Its time I tell something about music. The craze I have in writing poem is same as that of the craze I have in music. I now sit in a browsing center 3 hours to New Year and write about music.

It has been like my soul this year. When ever I have been alone with no one to talk to I had music with me. It was an addiction for me and mostly the songs by the boyband westlife.

The year was not so good to me but it was satisfying. I was pretty much alone this whole year. This was when I started to listen more music and more and more of westlife. The guys do very good. They are great. Its not that I haven't been listening to westlife before. I have been listening to them for 3 years now.

Love Mark's singing in every song. Its magic.

This time when the year ends they are also one among the ones I pray for since each one of the albums have played great part in my life. They are also one of the reason I have started writing my poems again. Their songs were my silent motivation.

4 years ago when I was in college I wanted to be software engineer. After college and by GOD's grace I am one now. I dreamt a lot about rising in this job and going to great heights. But definitely something's amiss. I didn't know what. I understood that later. It was my long lost dream about being a song writer.

Now when I dream about my future, I dont see myself as a software engineer but as a Song Writer. I want to be one of the luckiest ones who unite the career and passion together. Lemme see whether I reach it this time.

Well!!! I will reach it. I am waiting for an opportunity. :)

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