Saturday, September 15, 2012


I have been planning some stuff for my blog for sometime now. Have already revamped my blog, with new themes, widgets and stuff. Nothing big but planning on branching out to some recipes, product reviews, my son’s exploits and of course my take on life. Before I go ahead I would like to clear some things.

After following recipes so many times, I dont to go ahead with exactly the same amount of spices coz’ I might not use the same brand as urs and mine might be lot more spicy but you might not like spicy items. I will help you if there’s any ratio involved but will leave the rest to you. I am not one to decorate my food and display. Its not that I don’t like but I don’t get time to cook and display and even take pics when cooking, tho’ I will try to do so if I get time.

In between you can also see some outfits I have put together in polyvore. I love going through outfits in polyvore and putting together something beautiful.

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