Saturday, January 5, 2013

Nail Art : Christmas Tree and Presents - Fail

I know I have been off for real long time . . . I again sorta lost inspiration. But then there was this contest on A nail art contest on the the theme Christmas/Newyear. I like to dabble on nail art. But I never thought I'd ever enter a contest but again here I am entering. I have no hope for a win but I luved participating. I have already done 4 manis and planned for my fifth.

My first entry for the Christmas/Newyear Nail Art contest by
Christmas Tree and Presents.
                 Isn't that what everyone remembers when it comes to christmas. But you know what I remember church, relatives, tree, glitz and food. We will have our tree, stars land fairy lights. Every house glitters at night. Then there's the carols. The home to home carols start  by the beginning of december. Then on christmas eve is the truck carols. The churches rent a truck and then decorate the truck/lorry with fairy lights and sing carols. I remember running to the road the moment i hear the Truck/Lorry carols.

The Christmas day starts at 4am with my mom waking me up for church. Then we go to church by 5 am. After the service coffee and cake was served at church and its then we wish everyone "Merry Christmas" and chat with every one around. Every one would be dressed well and shining with jewels. Then we return home for food and more food till lunch. Then after lunch we either visit relatives or go to a beach. We pack tea, snacks and go to a beach. Once in the beach we have our tea, stay for an hr or 2 and then start back home. Thus ends our Christmas day. A very tired end for a very great day. Such fun we used to have.

I have been rambling too much and diverted away from the topic much. So heres the nail art.

Christmas Tree and Presents.

Is it Ok or "It Sucks"? I know its a bit of a failure.

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