Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sunday Funday

Have been thinking about writing more posts, at least once a week but it hasn't been possible till now. Me now in New York with hubby and son. I wanted to write more now that I get some time but somehow the inspiration isn't there. But this one I wanted to write, before my need to write wanes off. 

This wasn't even a planned blog post. Just that I felt writing. I have been telling about lack of inspiration to write but what inspired me to write this was the beautiful sights I saw on the way to a birthday party on Sunday. Beautiful trees green and luscious. It made me feel beautiful as if it was lending its beauty to everyone around. Such a pleasure to watch even though it was from a fast moving car. If I'd have time, I would just stand and watch and grab all the beauty around me. I have been in Chennai which is a metro for 7 yrs now and I don't get to enjoy these often. But when I do get to enjoy, it is imprinted in my mind. Am still able to picture it in my mind. 

I know many are ready to shell out money anywhere where they can get a promise of relaxation. But my question is Why do you have to run in search of peace when it is available for free. Just stand and watch all those green plants and trees with those colorful flowers, you can feel the peace you crave for. 

I so so so have to brag now. About the enjoyment I had on sunday. 
I had so much fun at the party meeting many people who worked with hubby. The only dampener was my son getting hurt. He is at a stage where he is in such a urgency to grasp the whole world in his little hands. He just doesn't know the meaning of fear. But just after 30 min of being cranky he was out and about again charming his way. The host had planned a beautiful party with pot luck and barbeque. (I let my hubby do the cooking :D). I don't think any one bothered much about food. It was more about just talking and getting to know each other and of course running after the kids. I had fun associating faces to the names I have heard everyday. It was a birthday party and of course the birthday baby just shined. She was such an adorable princess with a cute smile. I hadn't thought much about it but when I started playing it back in my head I realized how much fun I had. Am a person who enjoys the simple things in life and this one was a simple affair but just made my day. 

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