Saturday, September 19, 2009

First view of Glasgow

Elizabeth helped us with arranging cars and we started to office. OMG Galsgow is so beautiful with so much trees, peace, and beautiful greenery. The houses all looked a little thrown back in era compared to the modern world but there is where the beauty lies. You should see the scenery outside the office window. Such a perfect environment to work. And returning back we decided to investigate more ways to reach hotel and we tried taking a bus and then a subway. It was tiring a little but then when I am subjected to such lovely beauty it all fades at the back. Since we had decided to walk around a little we took the Byres road. Tell You wat 75% of the shops were closed. This wasn't wat I had expected. The cold was starting to get us through the leather gloves too. AFter doing some teeny weeny bit shopping and dinner we started to walk to the hotel following the directions"Take tht right, walk straight, take the first right and walk staight ahead. You will find it." We walked, walked and walked. Sorry we climbed, climbed and climbed and then we reached our hotel. And again all I cud do is go to bed straight ofcourse after dinner of a subway sandwich. 2 days of sandwiches *faints* *thud*.

Friday wasn't as eventful. . . had a walk of 2.5 hrs in the botanical gardens. Such a beautiful place off the highway. An idle walk and lots and lots of pictures. On the way back we decided to visit a 24/7 shop run by our neighbour as he says . . . a pakistani. Very helpful, answering our questions about asian markets and volunteering information for us, just as a good neighbour does. Then again back to the room . . . this time not to bed. I was so relaxed to go to bed. SO I decided to write my blog. Now as I have finished it am gonna post it and then head back out again, with more information and stuff to post here.

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