Monday, September 25, 2006


The Climate was too good in Chennai today, Cloudy and a bit drizzling. It is very rare to see such a climate here. I had the privilege of enjoying the climate here since I was in second shift. Slept all morning away.
Abviously I remembered the environment in Chunkankadai(Nagercoil), where our college was located. The college was at the base of a hill. If the climate is hot, you really suffer due to the heat radiated by the rocks.(The college was very near to the hill). If it rains you enjoy the lovliest climate you would ever enjoy. The most romantic climate too. Then my romatic nature would over come me :P. Thts the end of listening lectures for the day. I cud even feel the rain on me if i stand in the corridor. I cud stand for hours together there feeling the rain on me like a feather. I miss those in chennai. I wish I cud have only one day in that climate at my college. The care free life with nothing to worry not even my studies. (Sigh)
I am writing this at the end of the day.
End of a lovely day in Chennai and a scary and hectic day for me.

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